3 ways having a good website benefits Businesses

With the widespread use of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), it has become easier for people to find businesses through the internet. Without a well-designed or optimised website however, it is very difficult to utilise these benefits. If you’re considering whether a website would be beneficial for your business, we’ve put together 3 benefits of having a well-made website:

Global Marketing and Credibility

The internet is global, and so is your business once it has an online presence. A well-made website connects you to millions of potential customers around the world. Likewise, your website allows you to tell your potential customer what you’re all about, your values and showcase your previous work – boosting your business’ credibility.

E-commerce and Value Add

Not only does your website allow you to reach people all over the world, but it allows you to sell products to regions you don’t have physical brick-and-mortar stores in through e-commerce. On the other hand a well-designed and optimised website also allows you to provide ‘value-add’ services to your customers through a blog or online help desk establishing and maintaining a strong relationship between you and your customer.


A reliably hosted website has a 24/7 uptime meaning that customers can view your products, check your trading hours or purchase from your e-commerce store any time, any day. This means that gone are the days (mostly) of sifting through messages from customers inquiring about trading hours or your business’ public holiday status – saving you time and allowing you to focus on the real work that needs to be done!

Having a well-designed and optimised website is essential to running a successful business in 2018. At RPBC we offer comprehensive website design and management to ensure that you and your customers are satisfied.

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