3 ways Microsoft training increases your chances of being successful.

In an information technology age, Microsoft Office applications are essential to efficient business processes and success. For this reason, comprehensive knowledge on how to use these applications is essential for employees and employers who want to be successful. Here’s why:

1. Data processing.

Applications like Excel and Access are extremely powerful tools as they allow you to compile and process data. This is essential to identifying and displaying market, consumer and industry trends.

2. Collaboration.

In the latest iteration of Microsoft Office, individuals can co-author Word and PowerPoint documents. This means that the changes your team members make to documents are shown in real time.

3. Time Management.

Unfortunately, there is only 24 hours in a day – work and life gets busy. That’s why e-mail management is essential. In the latest version of Outlook, users can designate a ‘clutter’ folder between your inbox and spam/junk mail. This allows you to designate low importance emails and Outlook will allocate the emails you have chosen as well as similar emails in the ‘clutter’ folder.

These features are just a few of the many that make the Office suite so powerful in facilitating success however users often don’t know how to use these functions or are flat-out unaware of them. At RPBC we offer courses that give you the comprehensive understanding needed to utilise these functions, allowing you to increase your productivity and success as an employee and employer.

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